Don’t Overburden Yourself – It Leads to Health Problems  

Over-responsibility often causes great physical health issues.  


Are you overworked? Do you have too much to do? If so, you may not only be stressing yourself out, but also causing physical harm to your body, too. That’s because overburdening yourself with too many responsibilities and increasing your stress levels has shown to lead to serious health problems.

Lack of Sleep

One of the most common symptoms of overworking is the inability to fall or stay asleep at night. A lack of sleep is associated with a wide range of health problems, ranging from mood disorders to impaired cognitive function to early death.


Stress can make you gain weight. If you are overworked, your hormones may be out of whack, you may be unable to exercise, and you may be forsaking your diet and overall health.

Heart Disease

Being chronically stressed puts you at an increased risk of heart disease. This is because stress increases blood pressure, can affect sleep, can increase cholesterol levels, and can result in decreased levels of physical activity.

Depression and Mood Problems

Too much stress, as you may very well know, can wreak havoc on your mood, too. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and other problems with mood regulation.

If you are overburdened, it’s time to learn how to prioritize the important stuff.

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