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Easy Exercises for Mindfulness You Can Try

Even if you are busy and stressed, you can fit time for mindfulness into your day.

Taking some time each day to relax and connect with your mind and body is essential for good health and well-being. However, many of us simply don’t have the time that is needed for a deep mediation session on a daily basis. Nonetheless, there are easy exercises for mindfulness that you can incorporate as part of your daily routine, starting today, such as:

Breathing Mindfully

What does it mean to breathe mindfully? Mindful breathing means focusing on your breath for a short amount of time, even as short as one minute. To do this, take a deep breath, drawing it in for at least five seconds. As you breathe in, release any stress that you have on your body. Release your thoughts. Simply feel the air passing into your lungs. Breathe out slowly, focusing only on the breath.

Mindful Awareness

Another thing that you can do that is very mindful is to simply be aware of the things around you in a mindful and conscious manner. For example, spend time throughout your day identifying different things around you and the emotions they trigger in you. What things do you notice that are beautiful? What things cause you stress, and why? As you list things that trigger an emotion, ask yourself what you know about the things, including where they came from, how often you appreciate them/think about them, and how these things play a role in your life and the interconnectedness of the earth.

How do you incorporate mindfulness in your life?

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