First Impressions Set a Tone that Lasts

Each thing that you do is a conscious choice, and as such, it can have a huge effect on what other people think about you. Today, we’re going to be talking about first impressions, and something as basic as how you enter a

Others’ first impressions of you can have a lasting effect.

room, office, restaurant for a meeting, etc. The important take away is that first impressions set a tone that can have a lasting impact.

Positive First Impression: How to Show You’re Someone to Be Taken Seriously

If you want to demonstrate to others that you’re someone who should be taken seriously, it is important that when you show up you:

  • Are on time;
  • Are well groomed;
  • Are prepared (i.e. you have a pen ready, aren’t fumbling around trying to find a piece of paper to take notes on, etc.);
  • Are present (not checking your phone, gazing off into outer space); and
  • Are engaged – from the moment you enter a room, it should be obvious that you care about the people and the reason why you’re there.

Behaviors that Undermine Others’ Perceptions of You

On the other hand, showing up late or ill-prepared, checking out of what’s going on around you, and failing to engage in what’s happening by asking questions and seeking information are all demonstrative of a person who isn’t taking control of their own success. Not only will this harm your energy levels and your chances of positive interactions and experiences, but puts a bad impression in others’ minds, too.

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