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Freaky Friday: Stop Wishing You Could Change Places

Start spending more time loving yourself.

It’s the end of the week, which means there’s no better day than today to address this theme: Freaky Friday. The concept is based on the novel, in which two people switch places. Which begs the question – do you often wish that you could change places with someone else?

Jealousy Will Get You Nowhere

Wishing that you could change places with someone else is an easy way to waste a lot of time and energy. No matter how much you want it, the truth is this: you will never be part of a Freaky Friday situation, which means you will never be anyone else but you. Why spend energy entertaining anything else?

How to Get Over Your Jealousy

That being said, getting over jealousy is easier said than done. Instead of being envious, allow your jealousy to fuel your self-improvement. What is it about this other person that you admire? Why do you admire that person? What has led this person to success? What elements or personality traits could you incorporate into your own life to also put you on the path to success?

In addition to using your envy to fuel self improvement, you should also spend some time reminding yourself how awesome you already are. In fact, there are probably people out there who are jealous of you. Think about it: what things do you admire about yourself?

Today, don’t let jealousy get the best of you. Happy Friday!

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