Great Way to Celebrate the New Year: Reverse Bucket List

Try making a list of all of the great things you have have already done.

Most people have a bucket list, and most people make a long list of things that they want to achieve or do when ringing in the New Year. Maybe it’s traveling somewhere, finally getting that promotion, losing weight or accomplishing some athletic feat, etc.

While having goals and having a bucket list of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket, so to speak, is a great way to stay motivated and is a sign of health and personal success, bucket lists can also leave us feeling unaccomplished. Indeed, the problem with a bucket list is that it may remind you of how much you haven’t done.

Which is why this year as you’re setting goals and making your New Year’s resolutions, you should also create something that’s been called the reverse bucket list.

What’s a Reverse Bucket List?

Rather than being a list of all of the things you hope to do, a reverse bucket list is a list of all of the things that you have already done. Things that should go on the list are things you’ve done that left you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, or proud. Whether the things were once goals or not, if they left you feeling good, they should make it on the list.

What’s the Point?

Writing down things that have left us feeling accomplished and focusing energy on those feelings can make you feel more grateful about all you’ve done, and even lead to you feeling grateful for yourself (something we should all probably do a little more of). This process, called grateful recounting, has been shown to enhance a person’s overall wellbeing.

What will you put on your reverse bucket list?

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