How to Have More Brain Power

Does it feel like your brain could use a boost?

Wouldn’t it be great to think clearly all of the time? To escape brain fog? To remember words when they’re on the top of your tongue? To feel more awake and alert, rather than groggy? It all comes down to boosting your brain power, something that you can do with a few simple tips and tricks–`

Stop Eating Junk

Your brain derives energy from the food you eat, and just giving your brain glucose 24/7 isn’t going to cut it. You need to give your brain healthy foods, like healthy fats, to improve your brain power. You also want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and avoiding consumption of alcohol or other inhibiting substances.

Get More Sleep

The number one thing that you can do for your brain is to get enough sleep; if you’re not sleeping enough, your brain cannot do it’s job right, which can affect mood, memory, cognition, and more.


Yep, you knew that exercise was going to make the list, and here it is. If you aren’t exercising on a regular basis, you’re not doing yourself or your brain any favors. Start exercising more, and notice how your brain (and your body!) feel better.


Your brain has a huge job – it controls your entire body, and has to manage all of the information it gets on a daily basis, not to mention your thoughts. Sometimes, it could use a break, and meditation is a great way to allow your brain to relax and reduce some stress. Luckily, meditation can be done anywhere, and you can learn to meditate easily!

Wouldn’t you love a healthier brain?

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