Ideas for Treating Anxiety

Having social connections can help you to combat anxiety.

Anxiety can be significant enough that it is classified as a mental health disorder – when it is, those affected should seek professional help. For most, though, anxiety is a type of stressor that we deal with, but are capable of overcoming with some personal intervention. As recently suggested by psychotherapist David J. Bookbinder, LMHC, some ideas for treating anxiety include:

Being Compassionate to Yourself 

Compassion is a very important characteristic. However, one thing that many compassionate people may fail to do is to show themselves the same level of compassion that they display to others.

Forming Healthy Habits

Being healthy is a huge part of staving off anxiety. Being healthy includes:

  • having social relationships;
  • eating well;
  • getting plenty of sleep; and
  • exercising regularly.

If you are unhealthy physically, it is very, very difficult to be healthy mentally. The two go hand-in-hand.

Centering Yourself

Taking time to “center” yourself, or connect with your true you, is important for good mental health. Each person’s method of centering themselves varies, but many common methods include yoga, meditation, taking walks in nature, writing in a journal, or practicing breathing exercises.

Do Things You Enjoy

Anxiety can be hard to combat when you don’t feel good; it can be hard to feel good when you’re not doing things you enjoy. Take time to do more of what you like, such as traveling, reading, creating, or exploring.

How do you get anxiety in control?

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