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Improving Sleep Quality for More Success

Assess your room to determine whether or not it’s contributing to good sleep.

Sleep is not only vital to survival, but it is vital to good health, energy, mental stability, and success, too. Indeed, we know that sleep helps to consolidate long-term memory, clear toxins, improve cognition, aid in creative thinking, improve physical health and longevity, and that sleep loss and depression are intertwined. Which means that if you aren’t getting enough sleep, the consequences for you and your brain could be very serious. Here are some tips for improving sleep quality for more success and health–

1. Cut Out Things that Impair Sleep

One thing that you can do that can have a huge effect on your sleep is to change your diet and routine to eliminate foods and beverages that impair sleep. For example, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and lots of carbohydrates before bed have all been linked to poor sleep quality.

2. Make Your Room Sleep Friendly

Head to your bedroom and perform a quick analysis – is your room sleep friendly? This means no TV, no phone by your bed, total darkness when it’s sleep time, and a cool temperature. If you need to, consider trying a sleep mask or earplugs to improve your sleep quality.

3. Exercise

The connection between exercise and good sleep is clear, and if you’re not exercising, you may have a harder time sleeping than you would otherwise. At the very least, you should be spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day walking.

When you sleep well and on a regular schedule, you’ll feel better. Remember that feeling good and staying sharp (which your brain can’t do without sleep!) are critical for success.

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