Increasing Your Love

How healthy is your relationship with love?

Whether you want to increase your capacity for love, find someone to love, or just learn how to love better, there is no doubt about it: love in one’s life (and not just romantic love!) is linked to more happiness and wellbeing. And because we know that happiness and energy go hand-in-hand, and that energy is closely related to success, it’s not a stretch to assume that learning to love better may mean higher rates of achievement in your life. Here are some tips for improving love and loving better in 2018, inspired by an article from The New York Times

Reel in Your “Charming Quirks”

There are things about every person that may be cute at first that can get annoying or become unattractive over time. For example, “baby talk,” leaving messes, or being obsequious may be endearing at first, but after years in a relationship may be frustrating. Sometimes, reeling in these quirks can help your partner (and future partners) to see the true you, rather than honing in on things they find annoying.

Be Yourself

While the TIMES article cited above urges people to be true to their sexuality when learning how to be great at, and attract love, we’ll take it a step further by saying be yourself. Sexuality or otherwise, being the most authentic version of yourself is always the most attractive.

Lower Your Expectations

If you’re in love with When Harry Met Sally and won’t accept love into your life until it meets all of the criteria set forth in that movie, you may be setting yourself up for either lifetime of disappointment or a lifetime of loneliness. If you have expectations for love (and for your relationships in general), you may want to rethink them. Basing expectations off of what happens in movies or novels is not a healthy way to form perceptions.

What would you add to this list? What tips do you have for improving your ability to love, or finding love? How has loved helped you to be a more successful person?


Increasing Your Love In 2018

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