How to You Make Decisions About How You Manage Your Time?

Do you know how to effectively manage your time?

Effective time management can be a nearly impossible feat to achieve, especially for the person who is tasked with running a business, being a parent, and being active in the community (amongst other things). Which raises the question: How do you make decisions about how to manage your time? Indeed, do you even think about it?

What’s Important to You?

Contrary to what might seem logical, few people make decisions about time management based on what’s actually important to them – is this true for you? When you think about how you spend your time, are your values dictating what you do and don’t do? In most cases, people spend a lot of time doing with others think is valuable, or what they feel they have to do.

Do You Know How to Delegate?

In addition to failing to prioritize one’s values when making decisions about time management, another error that many busy people make is forgetting to delegate out tasks, and instead of trying to do it all. If you do delegate, how do you make decisions about what you’ll allow others to do, and what you’ll do yourself?

Do You Think About Wasted Time?

Finally, when you think about time management, you probably think about the things that need to get done in a given day. But do you think about wasted time? For example, how much time do you waste every day commuting, checking your email or social media, or even blow-drying your hair or self-grooming? Think about things that take time that may not be necessary, or contributing to your life in a positive way.

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