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When It’s Okay to Take a Personal Day

When is taking a personal day something you should do?

For those who have ever really needed to take a personal day, actually doing so may have been prevented by a sense of guilt. However, personal days can be guilt free. In fact, when you really need a personal day, not only should you not feel guilty, but you should actually feel proud of yourself for acknowledging what’s best for you.

When Taking a Personal Day is a Good Idea

Obviously, you shouldn’t take a personal day every time you’re stressed – if everyone did this, no work would ever get done. However, you should take a personal day when your stress is accumulating to the point it’s starting to really show. For example, take a personal day if:

  • You’re not sleeping well;
  • You cannot think clearly; or
  • You’re having trouble managing your emotions.

You know yourself the best, which means that you know better than anyone else when you really need a day; don’t be ashamed to take it.

How to Take a Guilt-Free Personal Day

You shouldn’t feel any sense of guilt at all if you need to take a day for yourself. However, you can reduce your guilt by:

  • Reminding yourself that you work hard and that caring for yourself is NOT a privilege, but a right;
  • Not taking a personal day last minute when others are counting on you;
  • Giving your boss plenty of notice that you won’t be there; and
  • Using your personal day for good reason – don’t just slump in your pajamas and eat ice cream all day, as this is sure to leave you feeling worse.

Are you in need of a personal day?

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