Pleasure vs. Purpose – Which Should You Focus On?

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How do you satisfy the need for pleasure and purpose?

An article in Psychology Today explains that there are two ways that happiness is gained: Through pleasureful activities, and through purposeful ones. But is one better than the other? Do you gain happiness through one more than the other? Is one ultimately more fulfilling and satisfying than the other?

Pleasure vs. Purpose

We all thrive from a mixture of experiences; one experience over and over again will likely not leave a person happy. This means that we need a combination of both pleasure and purpose in our lives. However, many people seek the wrong type of pleasure, or use their energy for the wrong type of purpose.

Consider eating a donut. Eating a donut can be exciting, stimulating to the senses, and indeed very satisfying and pleasurable. But a donut is a short term pleasure with a long-term consequence (assuming you eat many donuts on a regular basis).

The same can be said of working. Most people would state that their job is more purpose than pleasure, but what exactly is that purpose? Is the purpose to make money, or is there a deeper, more rooted and worthwhile purpose? If not, what are you doing? 

From Where Do You Derive Each? 

Start thinking more about pleasure vs. purpose in your life and how you satisfy both of these elements. Chances are, it’s time to do some adjusting.

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