Is Your Relationship with Technology Unhealthy?

Are you sacrificing health for your technology?

If you have a smartphone, a computer, a tablet, or a smartwatch, there is a good chance that your relationship with one–or all–of these devices is bordering on unhealthy. Studies show that the average persons spends more than five hours per day on their smartphone (and this doesn’t include time spend on other devices!).

Being addicted to technology can impair relationships, creativity and thinking, and even physical and mental health. If you think that you may have an unhealthy relationship, here are some tips for breaking up with your phone (or other device), as suggested by contributor Catherine Price of The New York Times:

1. Focus on What You Want to Pay Attention To

A good way to unhook yourself from the grasps of technology is to ask yourself what it is you want to pay attention to. Do you want to pay attention to your spouse? You child? Your pet? Your current project? …Or your Instagram?

2. Separate Yourself

The best way to avoid using technology? Separate yourself from it. If you’re not near your phone or other device, you won’t be able to use it. Try to separate yourself for small periods to start, and make those periods longer and longer as you get better at being away.

3. Make It a Little Bit Harder

How many times do you pick up your phone just to look at it or check something, almost without even consciously thinking about it? If you want to make it a little bit harder to do this without actually putting your phone in a separate location, try to create “speed bumps” that will force you to refocus and ask yourself if this is what you really want to be doing. For example, remove the Facebook app and only use the sign in option on a phone’s web browser, and the sign out every time so you have to sign in to see what’s new. Or, put a rubber band around your phone that you have to remove to do much. Simple things like this can make a huge difference.

Try the tips above for a week. Do you notice an increase in your productivity?

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