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It is said that no one wants to change but that’s untrue. People always what to change and inwardly they wish and desire a new way.

They are challenged with doing what it takes to make that change.

Where are you challenged to make a change?

Making a change requires being a new version of you. Maybe that’s attitude or it’s something radical and that next challenge is knowing and acting on the right piece to affect change.

I recently heard a podcast about how a very few scientists and physicians are looking at medicine as a whole rather than the “prescribe a pill and we’ll see” attitude. They are seeking to look at not killing all the things that cause problems in the body, such as cancer. Their new thinking is the earth and nature give us signals of making sure the foundation and the earth is prepared for the seed to grow and be resilient from the disease. This new idea is being adopted very slowly and by a very few physicians.

Making change takes gradual processes and many tiny steps but our brains think that once we’ve made that decision that something needs to change, that it ought to occur instantaneously. While this is possible in a few circumstances it is rare.

Nature gives us seasons to witness change. Those seasons give us opportunities to learn how one thing affects another and then there is change. Cold affects the leaves on the trees and then they change color and drop from the tree.

What is the change that you wish to see and better yet what is the change that you NEED to have?

Here are a few resources to help you on your journey:

~ Podcast 2-5 minutes of thought-provoking ideas that will help you change

~ Our Unleash free training

~ How to use Energy Mastery to have a better life

~ Live and in person at an Epic event

~ and last but not least meditation for the new solution

Change is everywhere but what we do inside ourselves is where the greatest change affects the rest of the world.

What Change Do YOU Need Now?

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