Should You Express Your Anger?

If you're feeling stressed, take time to calm yourself before you act out of anger.
Do not let anger get the best of you.

We’re often told that when it comes to emotions, expressing them is much better than holding them in. But is this always true? If anger is eating away at us, should we let others know about it?

Learning Not to React Out of Anger

While being angry, and expressing that anger, may be the healthy thing to do, acting out of anger is never a good idea. When you are angry and you act during and out of that anger, your anger may take over, controlling how you express your emotions, what you say, and whether or not you act rationally. In fact, in many situations, the decision that you would make while angry and emotional is not the same decision that you would make later on. When we act out of anger, we can burn bridges and hurt feelings, actions that can be very difficult to undo.

What to Do When You’re Angry

If you are angry and you feel like expressing that anger, you should take a step back from the situation. Rather than acting out, removing yourself and giving yourself time to calm down – whether that’s an hour or a week – is the best course of action.

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