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Are You Someone Who Self-Sabotages? Here’s How to Stop

Get control of yourself in order to reach success.

The thing that may be killing your productivity and preventing you from reaching your maximum level of success probably isn’t an external force: it’s probably you. In fact, anytime you do something other than what you’re supposed to be doing (i.e. being productive), you are succumbing to an act of self-sabotage. So, stop checking your smartphone for the 100th time, get off those random internet sites, and focus on how to be more productive for greater levels of acheivement–

1. Identify Purpose

If you identify a purpose for why you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you’ll be more motivated to actually doing it. You can do this by creating a question and then follow up questions. Start with asking yourself, “Why am I doing xyz?” When you have your answer, re-ask your question – “Why is that important?” Do this until you get to the core of the issue, which is your purpose.

2. Set Some Ground Rules

If you want to get past your tendency to self-sabotage by engaging in things that aren’t productive, you may need to create some parameters and set some ground rules for yourself. Rules are the foundation of discipline, and can help you to put yourself on a more effective path.

3. Generate Motivation

Don’t just assume that motivation will come to you; you have to curate it. Find a reason to be motivated. Often times, watching yourself progress is the best form of motivation there is.

How do you overcome self-sabotage?

Here’s How To Stop Self-Sabotage… Click Here

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