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Striking a Balance Between Complacency and Anxiety

You can have both comfort and adventure in your life.

Life is supposed to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that one becomes complacent. However, too little comfort can result in constant anxiety, which science has proven is not only bad for health, but also reduces productivity. The secret, then, is finding the sweet spot somewhere between too much comfort and too much of the unfamiliar. Here’s how:

Try New Things

One of the best ways to avoid complacency in your life without overwhelming yourself is to try new things often. This can apply both in your personal at home life, and at work, too. Take on new projects and challenge yourself, but don’t try to tackle something so unfamiliar to you that you will be overwhelmed by it.

Challenge Yourself to Learn

One way that people become complacent in life is when they stop challenging themselves to learn. Every single day of your life, you should try to learn something new. Learn a new word, a new recipe or even the name of a new friend. Want to learn something that takes more time? Break the task up into small, daily goals that you can tackle in a more manageable way.

What do you do to strike a healthy balance in your life?

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