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The Syndrome of Settling

Do you live a life that is totally EPIC?!

Recently I spoke at a women’s conference and it is clear from the conversations on the stage and the conversations I had directly… that settling had been called on the carpet.

Maybe this isn’t the first and certainly not the last time it’s on the carpet but the fact is that we are in a time when settling for enough is just not good enough. It doesn’t even feel right but it’s what we’ve learned to do.

Settling is sitting out in the middle of the floor and it’s kinda like the elephant in the room. You know you are and your brain has you convinced that it’s too freaky, scary, risky, won’t be what others want for me and so on and yet you let it sit there and keep trying to avert your eyes.

When we’ve learned something as insidious as settling it will take a behemoth effort to break free. That’s where energy surpasses the mindset thing.

Mindset will only get you so far on your next steps. Shifting your mind from negative tendencies is good, from anger to solution is good, from lack thinking is good and yet it’s not the truest solution to the greatest ease and longest term results.

You see all business is successful when there’s an upward trend and settling is soul sucking but a trained and ingrained trait.

What are you settling for or around?

How does it feel? How long will you allow this to continue?

When you look at social media and people who’ve “made it” it seems that they magically got there and yet…

What they did do was say to themselves “I will not settle for this any longer” and then they took one step and another and another. And rinsed and repeated that process until they came into your awareness.

Here are a few signs you are settling:

  • Agitated easily – If you spend more time complaining about what you DON’T have, what you’re NOT doing, or what you DON’T like… rather than feeling full of gratitude and appreciation for what is actually present in your life… sorry, but you’re definitely settling.
  • Always tired – maybe you’re sleep deprived or even over caffeinated or just dealing with a health issue. But maybe you’re just bored and checking out mentally. Emotionally you’re just not that excited and your life lacks zest.
  • Someday comes out of your mouth a lot – there are dreams locked inside of you and it could be your soulmate or it could be your dream income or it could even be something you haven’t tapped into yet that you know is what you’re here to do in the world.

Are you willing to continue such activities?

If any of these warning signs resonate within you, know this: You were not meant to settle for a life that doesn’t light you up… you were born to live a life you love!

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