Tips for Channeling Your Creativity  

Businessman on the summit surrounded by hot air balloons - Ambition at the top concept
Businessman on the summit surrounded by hot air balloons – Ambition at the top concept

Being a business owner, leader, CEO or manager isn’t just about being effective or smart; creativity plays a big role, too. It takes creativity in order to solve complex problems, develop unique solutions, and propose new and engaging products. As such, if you’re having difficulty unlocking your creativity, your success may suffer as a result. Here are some tips for channeling your creativity:

Clear Your Mind

If you’re overwhelmed with a variety of tasks, stressors, and to-dos, there will be no room left for any creativity. In order to allow creativity room to blossom, you need to clear your mind. Try escaping into a quiet place – preferably outdoors – or practicing meditation or yoga. And of course you could try my Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient.

Get Some Inspiration

Sometimes, in order to get your creative side working you just need a little inspiration. Search for inspiration, and don’t hesitate to look in some unlikely places. People around you, nature, art, music, books, etc. may all have something within them that encourages your creative side.

When I was in corporate and in an office I used to buy very different magazines and newspapers that had gardening, Cosmo, Shamballa Sun, The Onion, Crossword books, and other unlikely suspects to get the brain a break from the mundane and allow everyone to get inspired.

Even taking a 10 minute power nap is useful.

Ask for Help

You don’t have to be in charge of every creative solution; you can ask for help. Sometimes, brainstorming with another person or with a team will help to jog your own creative side. Reach out when you need it.

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