How Do the Words You Use Affect Your Energy?

How does language affect your energy and actions?

Have you ever paid attention to the words you use when speaking about something that is different than what you planned, or that upsets your schedule? Most people use descriptive terms like “mess” or “disaster” to talk about things that are less than ideal for them. These terms, however, do two things: First, they create negative energy, and second, they shift blame away from the true source of the problem, and prevent you from taking any responsibility.

Creating Negative Energy

The language that you use drives the energy that you experience. When your language is negative rather than inspiring, so will be your energy and your actions, as well be the sentiments of those around you. You are not powerless; stop labeling situations in ways that take away the strength that you have.

Shifting Blame

Less-than-ideal situations happen. And whether you believe that they happen for a reason or not, the crux of the issue is not the occurrence, but rather how you respond to a situation. When you label it as a “disaster” and blame someone else for the “mess,” you are denying all responsibility for the situation and your feelings. Rather than using this language, you should explore ways to find a positive solution, and create an opportunity out of an obstacle.

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