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What Role Does Serendipity Play In Your Life?

We sincerely believe that success is a result of hard work and direct action resulting from brilliant strategies.

The only problem with this equation that much of life is actually driven by luck.

A quick trip down history lane will reveal that most important breakthroughs (in any field), were unplanned, lucky breaks. Often the person making a breakthrough had a different intention at the start and ended up making surprising discoveries about something else.

Much of life is driven by luck and chance

Take Advantage Of Serendipity

Microsoft took advantage of the serendipity of   by placing whiteboards along the campus of the Redmond campus. Accidental meetings which happened in hallways proved to be more effective and productive than scheduled traditional-type meetings.

Makes Experiments Part Of Your Life

Most leaders in developed nations believe in eliminating waste. The Kaizen way of improving productivity incrementally to work towards complete efficiency. There is something robotic about this level of efficiency that does not leave room for play or luck to deliver us down a different path.

Imagine the discoveries that were not made because individuals were so completely set on ruthlessly cutting out inefficiencies.

What if we planned to take time out? Do you have a day every week scheduled to do nothing but what your intuition and mood guides you to do?

If we accept the role of luck and serendipity, imagine all the amazing things we haven’t even thoughts of yet that would cross our paths…

What surprises would we find?

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