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Are Your Rooting for Yourself?

Do you root for your own success?

Today’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means a lot of competition and fans, great snacks and food, and of course, the year’s best commercials. But it also inspires a conversation about why we root for who we do. In fact, why are you rooting for whichever team it is you hope wins today? Make a list – maybe your choice is based on the skill of the players, a long history of fandom, your geolocation, or even something about the other team that you don’t like.

How Can These Factors Apply to Your Own Life? 

Maybe it’s a stretch but think about all of the reasons that you’re rooting for either the Patriots or the Eagles today. Now, think about the value you place on those factors, and other things you root for based on those values. And then as yourself: Are you rooting for your own success?

Lack of Confidence In Yourself May Be Holding You Back

Something that may be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your success may be that you’re simply not rooting for yourself. How many times do you question your worth? Put yourself down? Criticize yourself for a mistake or even something inherent and unchangeable (like the size of your feet)? Would you hold other people–or your favorite team–to such standards?

Start Rooting for Yourself More

Great energy can go a long way. The more you root for yourself, the more you may start to win.

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