Overcoming The Mind Virus

Energetic Solutions for Immediate Relief, Reset and Restoration

Small business owners, beware of a silent threat that could be lurking within— the “Negative Mind Virus”. This insidious mindset can drain your vitality, cloud your goals, and, if left unchecked, hinder your business’s growth. However, there’s a powerful antidote within reach, thanks to the insights and energetic solutions and shared for the past twenty plus years by Sheevaun Moran with her clients and students, a renowned energy coach for business owners (small and medium).

A few things to know about how energy and the mind virus are linked and what to do about them:

  • Identify the Symptoms: Recognizing the Negative Mind Virus is your first line of defense. Symptoms include a fear of moving ahead, being quick to get emotional or angry, a lack of motivation, a loss of vision, health challenges that just don’t fully clear up, persistent self-doubt, and a foggy vision for your future success. Acknowledging these signs early is necessary to start yourself on the road to restoration. If you identify these early enough and with the help of others it can even prevent the negative virus from taking hold.
  • Seek Influences that Make Life Brighter & Better: Immersing yourself in a positive environment is crucial. Be around people who are ahead of you in the battle of mind viruses. Consistently immersing yourself in upbeat music and people who are in business ahead of you or who have helped many succeed in getting out of the mind virus dilemma. Moran emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with uplifting individuals and consuming media that fuels your spirit. A positive atmosphere acts as a protective barrier against negativity.
  • Action Over Inaction: The Negative Mind Virus thrives in stagnation. I am an advocate for the power of action (I call it dynamic activity)—any movement forward, no matter how small, counters the virus’s effects. Small and consistent action leads to success after success. This proactive approach energizes both you and your business.
  • Embrace Energetic Solutions: Moran’s strategy involves more than just positive thinking; it’s about realigning your energy to serve your business goals. Techniques such as knowing how to disconnect from negativity, eliminating the mind virus that affects you, utilizing energetics, regular heart based meditation, energy clearing, and setting intentional goals can recalibrate your internal compass, directing you away from negativity and towards success.
  • Harness Your Unique Soul and Energetic Power: Moran teaches that the key to overcoming the Negative Mind Virus lies without first and then within. By tapping into solving energetic imbalances with Energy Mastery in the energetic container the mind relaxes and releases the negativity easily. Long held dilemmas will suddenly release and you will have more happiness and freedom to achieve than before. Then dealing with the inner energy, and solutions from “The Secret Energy of Sleep” or “The Secret Energy of Health and Longevity” or “The Secret Energy of Food” will give you inner strength and more clarity. Then, with the inner clarity of focusing the mind on your aspirations, you create a force field that not only repels negativity but also attracts success.

Incorporating Sheevaun Moran’s energetic solutions into your strategy against the Negative Mind Virus can lead to profound changes. Her approach offers more than a mere antidote; it provides a blueprint for a thriving business powered by a positive, action-oriented mindset. By aligning your energy with your business goals, you ensure that the path ahead is clear and your ambitions are within reach. Remember, the strength to overcome negativity starts from within, fueled by the right mindset and energetic discipline.

PS: this book by Sheevaun has been instrumental to businesses achieve balance and understanding of the process of energetics and success in business, life, and relationships.

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