The Power of Forgiveness – Part II  

Find peace within yourself through forgiveness.
Find peace within yourself through forgiveness.

In part I of this article, we identified why forgiveness is so powerful (because of its strong correlation with alpha wave production) and what the first step was in learning to forgive. The first step – which can be read about in more detail on our blog – is to focus on anger. While it may sound unpleasant, you must feel and attempt to relive all instances of anger or hurt that you have experienced in the past. You should close your eyes and focus on those feelings.

Taking the Next Step

The next step to forgiveness is described as “forgive into love.” Now, visualize the person in front of you who caused your hurt or anger, and feel compassion for them. As you begin to feel compassion – and perhaps even empathy – ask yourself some crucial questions about the experience. What did you learn? How did you grow?

Now, think about what things the person who hurt you might have experienced to contributed to them acting the way that they did. We all know that those who hurt others tend to be hurt themselves – did something happen to the person who hurt you? Start to forgive the person. Remember, forgiving them does not mean asking for them to apologize.

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