A Major Ingredient All Attractive People Share

Attraction isn’t a choice…
You rarely make a conscious choice to be attracted to a person. It happens on a subconscious level and is generally not a choice.
So… what makes a person attractive (not just in the romantic sense of the word)?
Is it looks/status/style?
Not likely.
Think of the people you are most drawn to – they are unlikely to be the most physically beautiful people you know.
There are other common traits attractive people share.

Attraction isn’t a choice….

One of the most common ones is their ability to listen.
Particularly, they enjoy listening to other people’s stories.
Not just pretending to listen but actually being fully present at the moment and engaging in conversations.

An attractive personality leaves you feeling like you were the most important person in the world during your interaction with them.
This is a rare quality in modern society. Most people are more concerned about the notifications on their phones, looking over people’s shoulders to see if you can make a better connection, and being distracted by what’s going on around rather than focusing your attention on the person in front of you.
These are indications of disinterest and not being fully present at the moment….

In other words, anti-attractive characteristics.
Want to start being more attractive?

You can begin by being more attentive to the people around you:

  1. Switch your phones to silent, put them away where the notifications cannot distract you.
  2. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in the people you connect with.
  3. Listen and wait until they finish their story.

Avoid rushing to tell your stories. Give people a chance to talk about their favorite topic… themselves.

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