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Clearing the System

People always ask me what I do to keep my skin looking so good. There’s a secret.

You may not want to use it.

Having more energy than most has occurred in my life since I left home. It seemed that I had more energy and ability to muster energy than most and I’ll tell you about how that applies to clearing the system.

Are you doing what you can to help your skin glow?
Are you doing what you can to help your skin glow?

My mother had amazing skin and never needed much makeup except to cover her freckles. She taught me by example and certainly not by discussion.

She always used only one type of product on her skin, and it looked great. When I compared her skin to that of my friends’ mothers, they had a lot of coverage on their face with makeup.

First, we were never allowed to have soda in the house. Ever. This was a good thing, because it kept me from craving sugar too early. Second, we were told to get outside and out of the house a lot. Maybe that was to keep her sane, but essentially it was time spent outside that I know has helped me over the years. Third, we ate clean food. By this I mean we only had a fried thing once a month and we had a lot of veggies on our plates. Dessert was not every night and only for a few days a week.

Essentially we had water, juice or milk available to have, and I didn’t like milk.

Overall, I’d say that was a great start. With any life, there are bumps along the way, and one of those was college. I got into 2 a.m. meals. Lots of cheese, pizza, and so much junk, that I put on weight. Thankfully my skin was still good, but eventually it became challenged.

You see, your skin will be a result of all the years that you’ve eaten poorly and will eventually show.

Today I use energetic solutions, clean eating, super clean flower based makeup, and loads of water (high PH water is what I drink).

Your system will clean up pretty fast, but you need at least 20 days of consistent cleaning up before it becomes a routine and your skin is glowing.

There’s one other item that you’ll want to know about, meditation. Meditation will help your skin clean up and clear up incredibly fast. It is like the best youth-making cream ever and it’s free (well it does take at least 10 minutes of your time each day). Once I started doing this meditation each day my skin got younger and younger looking and much more resilient.

If you want to get your skin cleaned up even more quickly, use probiotics daily to help your colon have an easier time releasing the stored old toxins.

For now, take one step toward cleaning things up and that’s to drink more water. Then, take one of our audio programs, listen each day, and you’ll find so much more glow that people will naturally be attracted to what you’re up to.

Get access to more clarity and success.

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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