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Mystic Power of Quietness & Charm

There is a time for everything in our life and in our lifestyles today the world is filled with noise, noise and more noise. We have been taught to fill each space of conversation with idle chat and we have been trained that to have idle time is wasting time. When I tell someone to turn off the radio in their car and see what happens on their drive, their face always crunches up with distaste.

The reason that monks and nuns were cloistered away is to get them

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Learn the success formula of your quietness, charm and charisma

to reflect inwardly and connect to their inner self and their source. It doesn’t matter what religion on the planet is being studied, there is always an element of getting away from the rigors of daily living and going on retreat. Retreats are similar to vacations but with a specific intent to get away from the loud hum of daily interaction. Vacation is about being expansive and exploratory. Retreats are for looking more inwardly and reflecting on what, where, how, how not to, and restoration.

A charmed life is not just by accident, it is designed by the Universal Law of “Quietness and Charm”. The simplicity of this law is overlooked because of the nature of our cities and how loud they are and how loud everything in life seems to be.

Steve Jobs, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Elon Musk, Richard Branson all have that charm and charisma down to a tee. 

How often do people casually talk away their good? A great teacher stated, “The ignorant open the valves of the mind and let ideas flow out into the realm with which they have nothing in common, thus their power is lost.” What was being said is that when we have an idea we often want to share it with the world as instantly as we have it, when in fact we should cherish that very idea and let it germinate before sharing. Another way of looking at it is that when you want something, declaring it to people who are not supportive or encouraging will only dissipate the beauty and energy of that idea or wish.

Quietness seals in our good and lets it grow in the inner worlds, until it is strong enough to produce the results in the physical world. This quietness exudes a certain mystic charm that has an attractive power.


A charming person is one who is altogether, thinking about and doing one thing at a time with no fuss, no rush and a no bother attitude. The charming person is mainly even keel in their emotions. They avoid becoming too excited or angry and they avoid the high highs and low low’s. The charming person is relaxed and poised. They are not overwrought about their present, past or future. They take one day and one event at a time. The striving and tenseness is not present in their actions. When you meet charming people they are engaging and have something about them that makes you want to interact with them and know how they got that way.


It’s a good idea to have communication and be clear about your wishes. It is important to express yourself, yet it is also a good practice to pause in a situation to see where and how it evolves. You may just find that this gentle practice will bring you the riches you have always pushed for and longed for. You may discover that by waiting just one more moment you will have your hearts desire.

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