Recharge Your Batteries

What’s your secret to keeping your energy levels up?

Every once in a while, you burn out. When you do, it is important that you take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and get back on track; continuing to operate with no energy is a recipe for disaster. Since it’s Saturday, it’s the perfect day for a recharge if you need it. Here are some tips for getting your energy back–

Have Fun

Sometimes, the only thing you need in life to get that zap of energy back is to have a good laugh. If you have been go-go-go nonstop, plan a fun outing, go to a comedy club or watch your favorite funny movie. When was the last time you took a day just to have fun without other worries or stressors?

Take Some Time for Yourself

One way that a person’s batteries burn out is by focusing more on others’ needs than on oneself. If you have been running around without keeping your own health and well-being in mind, take a few hours for yourself this weekend. Get outside, exercise, nap, read your favorite book, or just sit and think for a while.

Do Something New

Dead batteries and boredom in life go hand-in-hand. If you want to add a little flavor to your life and recharge your batteries, try something new! Go to a new restaurant, buy a new shade of lipstick, or try a new activity, like rock climbing.

How do you recharge when you’re feeling drained?

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