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Things to Do on Sunday for Health and Happiness

Take advantage of today.

As we’ve mentioned multiple times on this blog, Sunday is a great day to both unwind and to prepare for the week ahead. As you think about things to do on Sunday for health and happiness throughout the rest of the week–and of course, today–consider these:

1. Plan for the Trifecta

An interesting article in Fortune shares data that shows that people are happiest when they are doing three different types of activities: socializing, exercising, and engaging in spiritual activities. As you think about what you’ll do on Sunday and throughout the rest of the week, make sure that you plan time for all three.

2. Plan to Sleep

That’s right: use this Sunday to make a sleep plan for the rest of the week. Sleeping well is one of the most critical parts of health and wellbeing. Think about what time you’ll go to bed each day this week, and if you have a chance, get in a cat nap today.

3. Plan to Act Happy

Remember, you are in control of your mood; no one else gets to decide how you feel. That means that you can use today to act happy or to be moody – which will you choose? Even if you don’t feel your best, sometimes faking it until you make it can help you get on the right path. If you are really dealing with a serious issue that deserves attention, don’t hesitate to give yourself a break and some reflection time.

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