You Need a Rainy Day Fund: How to Start Saving Money Today

Saving a little bit each month can help you be financially solvent.
Saving a little bit each month can help you be financially solvent.

If you’re struggling financially but are hoping to reach success, it’s best to start small. And while saving money can feel impossible, no matter your budget, it is possible to save money each month. Here are some easy tips to build up your rainy day fund:

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

If you’re like most people, you head to the grocery store and just pile whatever you see into your cart. Half the time, the stuff goes to waste and you don’t use it; the other half of the time, you need to make a second trip. You can save time and money (and improve your health) by planning your meals out in advance.

Save Your Coins

Coins get tossed on top of the dresses, get lost in the laundry, and are scattered around drawers. But by saving up your coins and extra cash—and setting them aside for another day—you can save a good chunk of change.

Live by the 10 Percent Rule

Take 10 percent of every single paycheck you make and put it away in a savings account. If you can afford more than 10 percent, try 15 or 20. Whichever percentage you choose, commit to it. Before you know it, you’ll have a sizeable cash pile.

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