Life Improvement 101: How to Increase Your Flexibility  

Learning how to be flexible can contribute to higher rates of success.
Learning how to be flexible can contribute to higher rates of success.

Flexibility in life and work is important – this is because life and your plans for life are bound to change. Knowing how to be able to roll with the punches, so to speak, can save you heartache and stress. Here are some tips for improving your personal flexibility (and not the kinesthetic kind):

Take it One Step at a Time

This isn’t to say you can’t have a plan; rather, it means that when the plan goes wrong, you need to take it piece by piece, rather than trying to tackle the problem as a whole. If you think about the problem in manageable steps, your solution will be much more flexible.


Losing control of a situation and not knowing what to do next can be incredibly frustrating. The best thing that you can do in the moment is simply to breathe. Breathing will calm your heart rate and give oxygen to your brain, which will have a calming and clearing effect.

Look at Things from Others’ Perspectives

A lot of being flexible is about being able to see things from others’ perspective; after all, things may not be going your way because someone else has different needs or wants. By seeing things from a different point of view, you’ll gain more insight.

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