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3 Ways You Can Heal Your Energy In Minutes

Curious about how you can heal your energy? Feeling a little off and can’t figure out why? Here are a few ways to keep aligned and on track.

Do you have an energy healing practice?

Energy healing can be a powerful way to improve your health and your life. Did you know that you actually have the power to be your own energy healer? Like anything else, it’s about having the right information at your fingertips and yet the formula has been kept for only the super seekers. Today everyone is creating an openness to being their own healthcare advocate and even practitioner.

I am more than a fan of energy healing because it truly has saved my life and helped me save many others’ lives. Having come from a computer programmer mindset and a marketing and business background it has helped me bring this technology into more homes than ever before.

You see, I’ve been using and teaching energy healing for over 18 years and it’s only been in the past 5 or so that it is more commonly sought after. Before it was shunned and today less so. Before it was considered “hooey” and today there’s been a reveal of all the data and science that stands behind it.

Humans are made of energy and particles, physics states this. Everything is energy and today with wi-fi we get this more than ever. As human beings our bodies are also made up of energy and vibration.

Every person emanates their own unique energetic flavor. Every person also emanates their own moment by moment signature and that’s what the world is responding to.  When someone says that they get “good vibes” from another person, they are really talking about the vibrational energy of that person. The reason we are attracted to happy people is because they actually vibrate on a higher frequency than unhappy people.

Why You Need Energy Healing

It’s the concept of something we cannot see that freaks us out, but in actuality we cannot see the wi-fi signals or the electricity that lights our homes and companies. Yet…we use them and do not give them a second thought. Your physical body has an energy, whether you agree or believe it, this has been proven for a long while now. This energy is like another layer of your body and called a subtle body, which is comprised of layers of vibrating energy that move outward from your body creating an interconnected field commonly known as the auric field, or your strata.

Each of the different layers of energetics, including your physical body, interpenetrates the others to work as a complete system. Your subtle energy layers connect into your physical body via many energy points or centers. Such as your chakras (we call them strata) or your thymus point which is commonly used when doing meditation, but even more so when doing Meditate to Heal Your Body Heal the World.

When you are not feeling well physically, it means that your strata is filled with too much murky energy. Generally, you will feel down, depleted or even more afraid than usual. This murky energy is stuck on in your energetic strata and using energy healing gives incredibly fast relief. Energy healing modalities work to activate your body’s subtle energy system and rebalance your energy centers. By doing this, you stimulate your physical body’s inherent ability to heal itself through Energy Mastery (a breakthrough in energy psychology and a new way to heal the body)

Key thing to my 18  years of not getting sick has been energy mastery. Why? Because I didn’t wait until there was an issue. I gained the advantage over any negative energy to heal it and clean it up before it became an issue. There always something shifting in the body, brain, and life and to learn how to master your energy is to master your health and even more so- your life.

Daily tune-ups, that you can learn to do for yourself, are the thing that has kept me vibrant and successful, even while training thousands worldwide.

Do You “Need” an Energy Healer?

The short answer is “no.”  For one thing, we all have the ability to connect directly to Source – in fact, this is true now more than ever before.  The powerful energy of Divine Love has magnified and stabilized on the planet to a point that we can all tap into it at will.  When you’re connected to the Divine you are raising your vibration and making it easier to use that energy to heal.

Is there a formula that you can use to tap into this with more ease and get out of the doubting brain? The short answer to this is YES. You can learn to heal with energy.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t seek out an energy healer if that is what your intuition tells you to do. There are many great energy workers, using different modalities for different levels of healing can be extremely beneficial. Remember, the best energy healers are really catalysts for you to heal yourself.  If your energy system is to out of whack it’s certainly the time to seek a master of this.

A master of energy mastery is one who has spent a great deal of time learning, they have the vibrant looks and they feel super vibrant. The reason I say super vibrant is because many energy healing practitioners don’t have the best self care. You won’t benefit from those who have their own murky energy and look down and tired. You can learn an immense amount from a good energy healer.  Like everything else, it just needs to be the right match.

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9 Ways on How to Heal Your Energy In Minutes

Whether you decide to commit to a modality or you just want to dabble in light energy work on your own while also seeing a professional healer, energy healing works best if you practice everyday. You don’t have to make it a long, involved session every time. You just need to be willing to commit to it and you will see a difference.

Here are some easy ways to keep your energy calibrated for health and happiness:

Utilize Divine Love. Divine Love is the most powerful healing energy available to you.  When you use Divine Love, your body feels lighter and brighter. However, it is not always the easiest to allow such pure love into your heart and mind. That’s why we recommend using this meditation called Meditate to Heal Your Body Heal the World which allows the heart to expand. You can also use the Dancing With the Divine as written by Sheevaun Moran and utilize Divine Love.

Disengage from chaos. Pay attention to what’s in front of you. Whatever you are faced with, that is what you need to heal.  Don’t get distracted by something happening halfway around the world.  Don’t let distractions suck you into the old way of being. If you need to, stop watching the news – or TV altogether. You may also want to disconnect from people whose energy does not match yours. Seek out others who are like-minded as they most likely vibrate at a higher frequency.

Cultivate a daily energy practice. This can be anything that helps you tune into your energy state and create balance.  For example, you may want to try a daily meditation practice, or read inspirational books. Another good way to connect with healing energy is to spend more time in nature—in forests or on the beach.  The salt air is a natural energy cleanser because it vibrates at a high frequency.

Use flower essences. Flower Essences are vibrational and energetic remedies derived from living flowers.  They can assist in moving and shifting your vibration without any side effects.  When a Flower Essence is taken internally, your essence is harmonized with the flower essence. As such, they can support you in shifting your energy toward self love and acceptance.

Take Salt baths.  A salt bath not only eases sore muscles but it can also shifts your energy. If you can, make this a daily ritual. Light a candle, put on some relaxing music and soak for 20 minutes. When you are done, pull the drain plug, but remain in the bath as the water drains away. Visualize all of your negative energy and emotions going down the drain. When you get out of the bath, gently pat yourself dry.  Then, lay down for 10 minutes – or go to sleep.

Use Clear Mind Technology. Your energy is affected by how you think.  If you think “I’m tired,” or “I can’t do this,” then your energy will be depleted.  Saying positive affirmations has a cascading effect; they can improve your mindset, which in turn makes you feel more positive, which in turn can increase your vibration. Try focusing your mind on energizing thoughts. Say out loud a phrase that resonates for you, such as “Divine Love and positive energy are flowing through me.”  Or, “As I breathe, I become more energized.”  Imagine this is how you feel, and over time, you will.

Try Incense: Many people recommend smudging, but the truth is that it’s smelly and very messy. While it may smell nice it is actually not the most vibrant of the techniques of cleaning up energetics. Incense burning is an ancient ceremony in which you burn it to clean up negativity from your aura and bless a physical space. It does not clear it all, but it certainly helps. Use a few sticks of incense, which has some of the most wonderful scent and doesn’t leave smoke or overpowering scents. Breathe in the essence of the smoke and focus on yourself and your intention by holding the stick in front of your solar plexus, and watch the sacred smoke rise up.

Energy Mastery is the most advanced form of energy healing that solves any issue. It is safe and effective for everyone.  Don’t be surprised if once you start you find that it brings up a lot of fear at first, especially around death. This is because once you start to vibrate on a higher frequency, you are also more aware of the dark.  This is important.  You can’t avoid fear and anger. When these emotions come up, you are doing something right. Look at what is bringing up these emotions and heal that first.

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