7 Habits that Lottery Winners (and You!) Need to Use Money & Keep Your Sanity

Do you practice these habits?
Do you practice these habits?

It is a well-known fact that people who win or acquire large sums of money unexpectedly almost always lose it. No matter the specific reason, there are some basic principles that every one of us could use to avoid a sudden loss. Here are seven habits that every winner—and anyone else who gains money, be it a large raise or a big sale—should learn fast:

1. Discernment

Learn to think for yourself and recognize that you are the sum of your thoughts and experiences.

2. Truth

Start telling yourself the truth about every thing, small and large.

3. Charity

Give half of your winnings to charity. Giving back is paramount to negating any bad decisions and gaining good karma.

4. Boundaries

Live within the means that you’ve already established prior to your windfall.

5. Good Living

Exercise and eat well – your body and mind will need to rise to new frequencies to handle new financial opportunities and responsibilities.

6. Call a Successful Woman

Women have been working hard and long to rise to the top; they’ll be the first to tell you about money, health, and other distractions that you need to overcome.

7. Gain Self-discipline

Take a year to gain self-discipline. Before making any hasty decisions—like moving or changing jobs—ruminate for an entire year. This gives you a lot of time to gain the wisdom you need to make a good decision in the long run, and not keep losing your sanity and your money.

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