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Do You Identify as Spiritual, But Not Religious?

What are the differences between being spiritual and being religious?

A recent survey, the results of which were published by Vox, shows that a whopping 18 percent of Americans currently identify as “spiritual, but not religious.” Consider the following about how  spirituality is often defined, and how being spiritual, religious, or both (or neither) may affect your energy and your path–

What Does It Mean to Be “Spiritual?”

What it means to “be spiritual” is not an exact definition; indeed, spirituality takes many different forms. For the purposes of the survey cited above, those who identified as being spiritual stated that they felt connected to something larger than themselves, felt connected to the world, and believed they had a higher purpose.

Spiritual experiences can be much more broad though, with things like being in nature, meditating, doing yoga, and performing other personal ritualistic acts all invoking a feeling of spirituality. Further, it should be noted that being spiritual does not necessarily mean believing in God, nor does it mean not believing in God. In fact, many people who identified as spiritual in the survey (but not religious) still identified with some religious tradition.

How Being Spiritual May Affect Your Energetics

Being spiritual is a very personal thing, and there is nothing “right” or “wrong” about embracing spirituality. That being said, recognizing the there is energy in everything and spending time to understand your role in that energy through meditation and reflection can be a worthwhile endeavor. In fact, studies show that spiritual people are happier, and generally more satisfied with their lives.

Do you identify as spiritual, religious, or both? Neither? How do you think your religious or spiritual outlook affects you and your approach to business and personal success?

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