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When your Trauma Becomes Your Gift To Others

The things that hurt us in the past become the things that drive our future. 

Pain is an effective teacher. It allows us to feel a depth of emotion that later morphs into a catalyst for our purpose. 

The two attitudes that are detrimental to healing from a traumatic phase or incident in your life are – denial and repetition. 

The first attitude results in escape. Running away from the source of trauma and pushing it below layers of barely-conscious memories. 

Forgetting our emotional pain does not make the scars disappear. 

The latter attitude results in greater pain over time. 

Reliving a traumatic experience over and over, analysing the details, tyring to figure out what you did and said, pointing fingers – these are effectuvely enclosing you as the cage of pain gets larger and stronger. 

You are not alone in your pain

Change Your Trauma Into Something Precious

So how can your trauma become your gift? It’s painful to heal and let go, and no one else will understand what you had to go through.

Begin by acknowledging that an indicent or phase in your life was indeed traumatic for you. Give yourself permission to accept that no matter what anyone else says about it, your experience was hurtful. 

You lived through it and survived. Congratulations! 

Now, it’s time to fully move on. Avoid going through the incident to find vindication and justification. Instead, start looking for how it strengthened you as person. What positives came out of the situation? Yes, if you look hard enough, you will find the positives.

It is important for you to identify them and then share them with others who have or are likely going through a similar experience. 

When you heal from trauma, you will be able to offer others a part of your resilience and strength. And this is your gift that is born out of your struggles. 


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