3 Things You Should Never Ask of Your Employees  

Do you ask your employees do things that you shouldn't?
Do you ask your employees do things that you shouldn’t?

If you are a good boss and a strong leader, then you already know that there are some things that you should never ask your employees to do. In case you need a refresher though, remember that asking these three things is never a good idea:

  1. To Give Up Their (Lunch) Break

Even though you work hard through your break, including your lunch break, does not mean that you should pressure your employees to do the same. Breaks are an important part of refueling and giving your brain a rest.

  1. To Complete a Task that Is Outside of their Scope of Employment

Do not ask your accountant to clean the bathroom. Do not ask your receptionist to make reservations at a restaurant for a private dinner for you and your spouse. Do not ask your graphic design artist to try to resolve a technical computer problem. Simply put, allow your employees to do their own jobs, not the jobs of others.

  1. To Get Personal

Yes, to some extent developing a superficial personal relationship with your employees is a good thing. But you should never ask your employees to do something personal – like spend time with you outside of work alone – or to share personal information with you or with others. Always keep things professional.

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