3 Things to Do as the Weather Gets Nicer to Improve Your Performance  

Take advantage of what the outdoors have to offer.
Take advantage of what the outdoors have to offer.

While you may not pay too much attention to it, nature has a big effect on not only your health, but also your performance. As the weather gets nice, try doing these three things to improve success:

  1. Expose Yourself to Natural Light

Now that the days are getting longer, take advantage of the sun by exposing yourself to more natural light and eliminating artificial light whenever possible. Research shows that exposure to natural light improves workplace performance. It also improves sleep, which in turn has a positive effect on health.

  1. Exercise

If you have been sedentary all winter long due to the fact that you were too cold to move, you no longer have an excuse; it’s time to get outside. Exercising – especially exercising outdoors – is a great way to get blood flowing to the brain, improve sleep and sleep quality, and improve your mental and physical health. When all of these components are aligned, success is much more likely.

  1. Breathe

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and as if your creativity has been stifled, head outside and take a few deep, long breaths. Deep breathing exercises have been proven to help calm the body, which can improve focus.

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