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3 Ways to Get a Burst of Energy in the Morning

beach yoga
Starting the morning right can provide energy for the whole day.

Starting the morning right is the best way to get the energy that you need for the rest of the day. When you start your morning off groggy and without energy, your whole day has the potential to be a bust. Here are three ways to get a burst of energy in the morning every day–

1. Exercise

Exercising in the morning can be difficult to do. If you’re not up for a big workout, go for a walk, do 100 jumping jacks, or convince yourself to do some tuck jumps or a few push-ups. Getting blood flowing is one of the best ways to get the energy you need.

2. Expose Yourself to Natural Light

Do you wake up and then go straight from your home to your car to your office without ever seeing the outdoors? Exposing yourself to natural light is the best way to get the burst of energy that you need in the mornings.

3. Have a Beverage

Have something to eat or drink in the morning, preferably tea or coffee. If you’re eating, go for a healthy source of fat, which will provide you with plenty of fuel that you need for energy throughout the day.

How do you start your morning right? What energizes you?

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