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3 Ways to Calm Yourself in Intense Negotiations for Success

Successful negotiations required the ability to calm oneself.
Successful negotiations required the ability to calm oneself.

Negotiations can be exhausting. During negotiations, much is demanded from both the mind and the body. As such, a pattern of negative thinking can occur. When this happens, your opponent has the upper hand.

You need to get—and keep—yourself in the negotiation game for optimal negotiating success. These three tips can help:

1. Change the Position of Your Body

Always engage your body during negotiations. You can do this by positioning your body towards the middle of the seat in which you’re sitting. Also, focus on posture by straightening your spine.

2. Focus on Breathing

You can also help to maintain your focus and concentration by focusing on breathing.

A great way to engage your mind is to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, which will help slow adrenaline Then, take a deep breath. This can help to calm you and ready you for a potentially tough conversation.

3. Add Clarity Through Repetition

You can add clarity to a negotiations process by always repeating what the other party says by asking a question. For example, if the other party says that they’re interested in the color blue, repeat by saying, “So what I’m hearing is that you like blue.

Is that right?”

This lets the other party know that you’re listening.

More Tricks for Handling Negotiations 

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