The 5 Biggest Mistakes Conscious Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

burdens of others
Do you do these 5 things?

The beginning is always rocky.
I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, ideators, start-ups and intrapreneurs and one thing that is misunderstood all around it is what it takes.

1. Overgiving
Yep, this is a biggie.

2. Presuming Pain
Everyone has the pain that you can solve is a big issue when just starting out.

3. Not knowing the real story
Communication, leadership and story are crucial to the success factor.

4. Mission forgetfulness
Getting sucked into the latest thing and moving away from your mission is one of the main bright and shiny objects.

5. Flying solo and perfectionism
Thinking that you can do it alone.

Spend some time reflecting on these and look at them as invitations to expand your awareness. Commit to doing.

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