5 Ways to Shift Your Energy and Mindset to Achieve Better Results

As an entrepreneur/business owner, your energy determines the energy level of your team. More importantly “your energy always affects your results and successes”. Your mindset will determine your growth and not the other way around, BUT know that your energy is the most subtle key ingredient that you will rarely acknowledge. Now is the time to take another stance and learn a whole NEW WAY. So, if you want to grow your business, your focus should be on shifting your energy and mindset.

To help you out, here are five ways to shift your energy and mindset and grow your business. 

Unleash Your Prosperity Energy

1. Change your energy first

Your self-talk will influence your attitude but this is always a result of the energy in your field and container that results in your self-talk and attitude. Whether you mean it or not, what you subconsciously say will shape how you approach your tasks and team members. So, stop saying things like “I am exhausted,” “There’s so much work,” or “This is too much.”

First cut cords to all things that affect your past, even the recent past. Then get grounded and then instead of that negative monologue, repeatedly tell yourself that “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok I’ve got this now,” “I think I can,” or “I am ready to thrive better now more than before.”

2. Engage Your Energetic Purpose

No matter what category you operate from, identify the higher purpose of your startup, idea or product. What reason are you doing what you’re doing? Your purpose should always be bigger than your quarterly goals or any goal and attached to something of more contribution to the world. It should energize and elevate you.

So, if you provide life insurance solutions, you’re in the business of protecting families. If you develop collaborative software, you’re bringing people together. If you’re a tour aggregator, your purpose is to create happy memories. 

3. Shine 

Once you identify and believe in your purpose, you should tap into your heart-centered energy and allow the true light that is your essence to shine out into the world. Remind yourself that that you can do this. You have been given and continue to be given ALL the power needed for you to achieve brining that light forth and this allows you to solve any challenges that may crop up. Your worth is more than any problem that may come your way.

If you’re thinking about starting a company, know that you’re different from most people. If you’ve already started a firm, know that you’re bolder than most people. If your primary objective is to grow your business, know that your aims are bigger than those of most people.

4. Get Centered IN the present

The number one reason most people are anxious or agitated is that they don’t live in the present. Nearly everyone I’ve met is ungrounded and focused on the future and out of their bodies. This one little element will ensure that you’re somewhere in the past or the future. That depletes your energy and makes one anxious, nervous and feeling chaotic.

One of the greatest abilities you can master to shift your energy and mindset is to focus on the present moment. Meditation will teach you the importance of this mindfulness. Start with just five minutes and progress from there.

5. Reflection and Resolution

Everyone knows the importance of starting your day with the right attitude. But it’s equally important to look back at your day in the evening. Look at how you solved problems and took care of tasks. I call this Inner Reflection and Firm Resolution, which allows you to achieve a shift in the whole of the way you live, act and thrive. 

They might not have been big wins. That’s alright. All you need are smaller wins. Remember that a day without a complaint from a client is a win.

Everything else is a result of how balanced, energized, and optimistic you are from within. Once you achieve that, you’ll not only grow your business but you’ll also grow as an individual and a leader.

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