Acting from Love Ensures Your Business Thrives

Every day that you wake up, do you think about how you were put on this planet to create a
high-performing sales system, product or funnel
? When you picture the legacy you’ll leave when you’re gone, do you imagine people saying what a great fiscal year you had?

We all need to make a living, but what are we living for?

At the end of the day, aren’t we trying to get back to the people (or pets) we love? For many of us, it’s our relationships that make our days worthwhile and make us want to work so hard. Whether that describes you, or whether you are still looking for relationships to enrich your life, making every act of business an act of love just might help you attract an abundance of all you hope for. People can tell when you’re insincere, just trying to make a buck off of them. They see that you’re not smiling with your eyes, or maybe it’s that you rush them through a decision too quickly. Without even meaning to, we can reveal our selfish motives.

Instead of trying to become better at masking our desires to make a sale, we’d get much further
by getting curious about the people we work with, looking for opportunities to meet their needs.
Meeting someone’s needs is an act of love, even if it’s as simple as replying to an email sooner
than a deadline.

Try challenging yourself to see each person you deal with as someone tender, with hopes and needs, and look for ways to meet those needs. For example:

  • Pass along a sales opportunity.
  • Connect them with someone in your network or to free resources you benefit from
  • Reply to their email sooner than you need to
  • Ask them about themselves—their family, their goals, their favourite local recommendations
  • Change your greetings from rote to earnest, like saying “I hope you have a good day today,”
  • instead of “Have a good day!”

We feel more comfortable talking about acts of “kindness” but maybe it’s like that adage, “If you shoot for the moon, you’ll wind up among the stars.” If you aim for acts of love, and if you think of it that way, you’ll come off as a little more kind, sincere, trustworthy, and engaged than the average person—even the average kind person. People will gravitate towards you, wanting to feel special, seen, and safe. You’ll gradually build relationships with them, which will lead to a wider network and more career success. Plus, you need love in your life, too, don’t you? f we have to spend our days engaged in business dealings to support our lives or our loved ones, why not aim for making all of our relationships and dealings ones that we love?

Try it for two weeks: Look for ways that you can make a conversation, an email, a dealing, in
some way an act of love.
What can you do that is just a little more generous, a little more
gracious, a little more cheerful, loving, or kind?

Even if you don’t see an onrushing of new sales leads or something like it, I bet you’ll feel a lot
engaged in your work.

Acting from love ensures success because acting from a place of love automatically puts the needs of others first. It means that whatever project or product that comes out of your business will be something that has value for other people and makes their lives better in some way. This isn’t just good marketing copy – this is how life should be lived!

Unleash Your Business Prosperity Through Love

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