Attaining Security in Self: Never Be Afraid of Commitment


Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most people are afraid of commitment and allow this fear to hold them back. Rather than commit, they’d rather keep their options open to mitigate risk.

But if you want to make it big, commitment is a must. While failure is a possibility, so is success.

Decide and Over-commit

Don’t just decide what you want; decide and then over-commit to that goal. When you do this – go all in and pass the point of no return – you will realize how important security is and its value. This security will come from within, not from a materialist source.

When Your Security Is Yourself

Material and tangible things certainly provide a sense of security. But your deepest sense of security should come from yourself, rather than something outside of you – like a paycheck. Once this occurs, you will be able to see yourself in a whole new and positive light.

This will also give you the confidence and reassurance in your abilities that you need to push your life and goals forward and to pursue your internal desires.

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