Benefits of Meditation in a Fast-Paced World

When it feels like you have millions of things to do in the day, finding a few minutes (2 minutes is enough when you learn how) to sit with yourself and do, what appears to be nothing, can seem strange. It’s the very thing that will save your life.

The secret is, however, these fifteen minutes will almost certainly be the day’s most important. There are countless benefits to meditation, all of them returning you to a version of yourself that is able to take on whatever the day brings with a smile. Here are some benefits to meditation.

Gaining Conscious Perspectives

If your mind is buzzing with the day that has past, or the day to come, it can be difficult to focus on what is important to you or find moments of peace. Meditation is the art of accepting these buzzing thoughts and observing them until they come to stillness or at least slowdown. When you are able to clear your mind for even a moment you are pausing the mind’s anxious loop of thought. A calm mind will offer you new insights and ideas into what troubles you, or allow for you to find peace in a situation that may have seemed more troubling than it truly is.

Increased Creativity 

When the mind has found peace, it feels safe enough to create. A surprising benefit of meditation is its ability to clear the cobwebs of the mind. When these old thought patterns or fixations are cleared you may be astonished at what arises. Creativity is essential in all parts of life—for personal joy, but also for success at work. A creative mind is able to solve problems better than a buzzing mind.

Increased Patience

We do not always act in the way we want to with others. When we are stressed and overwhelmed, sometimes the smallest things can get in the way of our relationships. Meditation practice offers us the chance to slow down, be mindful of our thoughts, and re-enter the world in a calmer state. A stressful morning, for example, can be easily remedied by a 15-minute meditation at lunch. This allows us to re-enter whatever space we find ourselves in with a fresh heart and clean slate. Our communication and connection with those around us will gradually improve the more the practice is adopted. 

Absolving Illness

While meditating is primarily known for increasing mental health, it is also credited to healing physical ailments like problems with sleep, chronic pain, and even asthma.  

The reality is that our minds and bodies are deeply connected. When we experience stress, it takes a toll on our bodies. Stress relief is one of the greatest benefits of meditation. A sick body is one that is impaired from enjoying life to the fullest. 

By focusing on the breath during meditation, we decrease stress, increase vitality, and even boost our immune systems. 

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