Are You Comfortable in Life, or Bored?

Do you know how to recognize boredom in your life?

There is a significant difference between being comfortable in your life and bored with your life. Being comfortable is a good thing. If you are not comfortable with your life, you should seek to change it. But being bored is not a good thing – being bored means that your life is without the level of stimulation that is necessary for happiness and well-being. However, knowing the difference between the two isn’t always obvious. Here’s how to tell:

You’re Longing to Take a Risk

If you are just dying to take a risk and have been thinking about risky things – i.e. leaving your partner, quitting your job, moving across the country – this could be a sign that you are bored in your life and need a change. However, don’t be so quick to jump ship. It is important to determine the cause of your boredom before you make any rash action.

You Want to Go on an Adventure

There is a big difference between wanting to risk it all and wanting to have a small adventure. The latter is more common among those who are comfortable in their life, but still want to challenge themselves. However, remember that you don’t have to go on adventures all of the time to not be boring.

You’re Distracted Easily

If you are someone who is easily distracted, this shows that things you are trying to focus on aren’t keeping your attention; a key sign of boredom. If you can’t focus, the problem may not be you, it may be that you need more interesting things to pay attention to.

Are you bored or comfortable in your life? How do you know?

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