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Common Obstacles to Success

Every single person faces obstacles in life.

Throughout the course of every single person’s life, there will be obstacles to their goals, dreams, and aspirations. This is the case for everyone – even those who seem to “have it all” have had to overcome barriers at some point.

While each person’s obstacles are very unique and specific to them, most can be generalized into a few of the following categories. While the list is by no means inclusive, consider these common obstacles to success:

Lack of Knowledge

One thing that can keep many people from getting to where they want to go in life is a lack of knowledge of how to get there. Indeed, some people will have more resources than others simply via luck of the draw; others will need to acquire those resources and do more to acquire the information they need to put a plan of action in place.


One of the biggest obstacles to success that nearly every single person has to deal with at some point is the obstacle of self-doubt. In many cases, we don’t even try to do what we want because we have too much doubt in our own abilities. Self-doubt can be internal and intrinsic, as well as be reinforced from outside forces.


Fear and self-doubt often go hand-in-hand, although fear is further-reaching. For example, we may be too scared to give up our current holdings in order to pursue something new (i.e. exacting income for education). Or, the fear of having to restart, make changes, or potentially lose what we already have can hold us back.

What Obstacles to Success Are You Facing? 


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