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Conquer the Fear of Criticism

Imagine never worrying about how people or what people think about you. Imagine the freedom you have to speak and be and create what you want.

What's Your Choice?
Take action to conquer fear.

Now imagine asking to get paid without ever worrying about what someone might think of you because of what you want to be paid for.

This is the ultimate dream and yet there’s one tiny little voice inside your head and that’s the inner critic.

You see…it’s not that we’re afraid of our power or success. We’re doing everything in our conscious and unconscious power to avoid being criticized.

All of this because we have the imprint of our first admonishment or punishment for being all in and it turning into an adults nightmare (or so they thought at the time, only for you to discover that later in life they thought it was so adorable).

There’s only one way to conquer this fear and that’s to keep going after all those nudges and shoves to do something or take action on something.

See you soon!

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