Dealing With Frustrations When You Are Tempted To Give Up

The path to excellence is paved with many frustrations. Dealing with these temporary frustrations is inevitable.

If it was easy, everybody would excel. But the impatience in dealing with frustrations is one of the main reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

When you approach your goals as a linear process, they are time-bound and result in unnecessary frustration. Avoid the perceived lack of failure that this approach causes and instead build habits that will carry you the distance.

Push Yourself To Be Your Best

Show Up And Do The Work

The secret to achieving the extraordinary is simple. Show up, do your work, and then go home.

It is a simple formula – a blue-collar work ethic matched with a strong will. Nothing can distract you from your purpose or interfere with your commitment. Once you have decided to do something, you simply refuse to budge.

Refuse To Compromise Out Of Frustration

Push yourself harder than what you think you are capable of. To find new depths, you have to take the risk of pushing the boundaries. Therefore, take yourself to your max and then a little more.

You have to accept that long-term focus leads to long-term results. Without the emotion or drama, so stop beating yourself up over small hiccups along the road.

You need to learn to enjoy the process. This is important because most of your days will be spent doing banal hard work. The triumph at the end will be fleeting.

So stop focusing on the victory at the end of the road and start learning from the regular defeats you will face on the path. If you are not facing hard challenges, you are not pushing yourself enough.

Refuse to accept anything less than your best.

Throw Out Timelines That Cause Frustrations

It will take as long as it takes. Your commitment is to your long-term goal, not intermediate short-term and time-bound goals. The only decision you need to make is that you will accomplish it.

The single decision is one of the most powerful tools in your personal development toolbox.

Keep it clear, simple and straightforward. Avoid having to make many small decisions along the way. If your goal is to be in the best shape of your life, quit trying to argue if you should set goals to wake up early. Once you have decided on the big goal, the smaller decisions will follow naturally.


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