The Difference Between Success and Failure

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Most people have a two very different opinions about what defines success and what defines failure. To be sure, most people would characterize success by: happiness, money, fame, wealth, notoriety, recognition, and triumph. On the other hand, people typically associate failure with: loneliness, poverty, laziness, unhappiness, and shame.

But are the differences between success and failure really that pronounced?

Thin Line Between Success and Failure

The line between success and failure is actually much thinner than most people think. In fact, the difference between the two may only be:

What you may think of as “failure” may really not be failure at all, but an opportunity for growth and a renewed chance for success. Each setback should be viewed as a challenge that requires patience and effort, strategy and persistence, and not as failure.

Changing Your Attitude and Achieving Success

Look at your life right now and your goals – are you where you want to be? If you resign yourself to a position that is less than you want, you have failed; if you consider your current place in life and your objective, and then you seek those objectives and work hard, you are successful even when you are far from your destination. Success is about the journey and your mindset. 

What’s yours?

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