How to Effectively Use Body Language During Negotiations

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Are you using the right body language during your conversations?

The way that you carry yourself and use your body to express yourself is important. When you are in the midst of negotiations, whether for a business deal, with a friend, or with your partner, knowing what your body language is saying is critical. Here are some tips for effectively using body language during negotiations:

Keep Your Body Open

Hunching over, crossing your arms or legs, or turning to one side are all closed positions. A closed body is indicative of a closed mind, and implies that you are not really there to negotiate and hear what the other side has to say. Instead of sitting in a closed position, keep your body open. This means keeping your arms neutral and to your side or in your lap (or using them while talking), your feet planted on the ground, your back straight, and your chest square and facing the person with whom you are speaking.

Use Your Hands, But Be Aware

Some people are major hand talkers. While using your hands to talk can add emotion, excitement and zest, too much hand flailing can be distracting. On the contrary, sitting with your hands tightly clasped and white-knuckled implies tension and nerves. Try to find a delicate balance – at the very least, let your hands rest comfortable in your lap or cross fingers lighting on the table.

Eye Contact Is a Must!

In all conversations you have in life, you should try to make eye contact. Eye contact shows that you are to be taken seriously and won’t be intimidated and that you care about what the other person is saying. Your eyes can say a lot so use them to your advantage!

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